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IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Gray speckled background with a variety of vegetables including a red tomato, white eggplant, yellow summer squash, yellow tomato, collard green, green leaf of kale, jalapeno, cucumber, purple bell pepper, purple leaf of kale, and two potatoes.


We are working to increase food access for all Iowans, especially those who experience food insecurity, and believe in abundant, accessible, equitable food and land access.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Multiple purple curly kale plants in an inground garden bed covered with straw. Trees and blue sky are in the background.


The Nourish Iowa VISTA Project works towards the elimination of poverty through capacity building projects. These projects incorporate land access, transportation, and financial support as integral to abundant food access and each person's opportunity to choose the foods they eat.

Our VISTA members are motivated change-makers, passionate problem-solvers, and inspired community members who believe in a more equitable future Iowa in which all people are empowered and able to grow, source, and eat the foods they need and want.


PROJECTS (tap the photos to learn more!)

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