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Available Positions

Thank you for your interest in serving with Nourish Iowa! As a VISTA member, your service will leave a lasting impact on Iowa's food system. In addition to our main office at the University of Northern Iowa's Center for Energy and Environmental Education in Cedar Falls, we also place members at sites in Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Mason City, and Ames. We hope you fill find a position listed below that speaks to your interests; if not, check back often as we continue to partner with new host sites and develop new positions.

All standard 1-year positions are open until filled. Applications for the 2023 Summer cohort have closed, but we will post our 2024 summer positions (beginning June 3, 2024) by January 2024.

While no resumes or cover letters are required to apply, all applicants must submit an application through My AmeriCorps in order to be officially considered and offered a positionLinks to apply to each of our positions are conveniently linked in the descriptions on this page, and you may also find them by searching for them on the My AmeriCorps site.

Please note that 2 references will be required to complete a short questionnaire in this process. You're encouraged to send the form to your references as soon as you start the application to allow them to have as much time as possible to complete the form.

As a VISTA program, we follow a schedule of start dates which allows one start date each month excluding September. Please apply at least one month in advance of your desired start date from the list below in order to be considered (new dates to be announced Fall 2023):​​​

  • July 17th and 31st

  • August 14th and 28th


VISTA members are eligible for the following benefits. For a more complete description of each, please visit the AmeriCorps website. Please email any questions to

  • Living Allowance effective July 2nd, 2023:

    • Standard members earn $877.66 biweekly

    • VISTA Leaders earn $969.78 biweekly

  • End of Service Award (members may choose one of the following)

    • Segal Education Award (amount updated in October yearly): $7,395 for 1-year positions

    • Cash Stipend: $1,800 for standard members / $3,000 for VISTA Leaders

  • Paid days off:

    • Full year members: 10 days each of ​sick and personal leave

    • Summer members: 3 days total for either sick or personal

    • Holidays off (varies by site)

The following benefits are currently only available to members serving 1-year terms:

  • Childcare reimbursement for children under 13.

  • Choice of free supplemental health coverage

    • Health Allowance Plan (for those with existing primary insurance): covers copays and out-of-pocket expenses up to an amount set annually under the Affordable Care Act

    • Health Benefit Plan: provides minimum basic coverage for those without an existing primary insurance plan

  • Relocation Allowance: $750 settling in allowance plus an amount based on distance moved. Available to those moving over 50 miles to serve.

  • Noncompetitive Eligibility when applying for federal jobs for 1 year after completing your term

Communications Strategist VISTA with Table to Table [currently closed]

Iowa City, IA, USA

Marketing and Education VISTA with Feed Iowa First [currently closed]

Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

Local Food System Access & Operations VISTA [currently closed]

Iowa City, IA, USA

VISTA Leader [currently closed]

Cedar Falls, IA, USA

Iowa Local Food System Development Coordinator Standard VISTA [currently closed]

Amana & Iowa City, IA, USA

Community Garden and Farm Strategist VISTA [currently closed]

Cedar Falls, IA, USA

Farmer's Market Nutrition Assistance VISTA [currently closed]

Cedar Falls, IA, USA

Iowa Farm to School and Early Care VISTA [currently closed]

Ames, IA, USA

Communications and Fund Development VISTA [currently closed]

Waterloo, IA, USA

Garden Resource Standard VISTA [currently closed]

Cedar Falls, IA, USA

Food Access Coordinator VISTA with Feed Iowa First [currently closed]

Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

Local Food System Education and Outreach VISTA [currently closed]

Iowa City, IA, USA

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