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Nourish Iowa VISTA members, like VISTA members across the country, are working to eliminate poverty. While they are not participating in direct service activities, their capacity-building efforts help create and sustain programming in Iowa directly related to the elimination of poverty through increased food security and land access. The following list highlights the various programs our VISTA members' service helps to provide to Iowans of all backgrounds.


Veggie Voucher Program

 The Veggie Voucher Program offers individuals receiving supports from area organizations the opportunity to access funds to be used towards fresh fruits and vegetables at area farmers markets, curbside stands, and more. There are no requirements to receive this assistance, and individuals are able to return for additional vouchers throughout the growing season.


Garden in Every Lot

"A Garden in Every Lot aims to renew a culture of backyard gardening in the region by providing free services to help both individual community members and community organizations overcome barriers to starting a garden. We provide garden site assessment, tilling, plant starts, and seeds. After gardens are installed, we connect gardeners to educational workshops and resources, while fostering a community of gardening through our newsletter."

- University of Northern Iowa - Center for Energy & Environmental Education VISTA Member

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Home Delivery Program

The Home Delivery Program serves individuals who have face barriers in  participating in Peoples Community Health Clinic's Free Produce Distribution Program. Through home delivery, individuals receive produce once a week in partnership with We Arose



Greens to Go

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Centering Community and Racial Equity at Grow: Johnson County

"Data plays a critical role in advancing racial equity in organizations by allowing them to create a baseline, set goals, and track progress towards goals. Different data collection methods have been developed in an effort to begin digitizing the decision-making process of Grow. Data collection + analysis of Grow’s Annual Winter Partner Meetings revealed many of our partners and the participants they serve are in need of educational support.  So far, we have met two of these needs with the development of a Harvest Calendar and best storage practices for produce distribution."

- Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development VISTA Member

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Free Produce Distribution

"The Peoples Clinic Garden is a community garden that grows and distributes fresh produce to patients of Peoples Clinic, a non-profit Health Clinic that serves the underserved in Waterloo, Iowa.

The produce from the garden is distributed in front of the clinic twice a week during the growing season to all patients." 

- University of Northern Iowa - Center for Energy & Environmental Education VISTA Member

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